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Aircat 2000 is a specialist division of Aircat Limited, dealing with pneumatic control equipment found throughout the Transport Industry.

Bus & Coach

We offer a wide range of air door rams, door open close push buttons, door control valves and air preparation equipment such as air filters and pressure regulators. These parts are commonly fitted to Deans Powered Doors, Wellman Peters Doors, Overton Doors, Bode Doors and other leading door shelf manufacturers. Our online store shows the most popular fast moving ranges, however please contact us for any components you cannot see online, we are always happy to help.

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Trucks & Commercial Vehicles

We can offer a wide range of valves that are used throughout the commercial vehicle industry, including electrical solenoid valves, manual lever valves, push button valves and air pilot operated valves. Many of these components can be viewed on our website.

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Garage / Workshop Consumables

We can also offer a wide range of workshop consumables such as push in air fittings, quick release couplings, air hoses and tubing, tyre inflation equipment etc. We can also offer a wide range of air tools for body shop and garage use. These products can be viewed online.


Norgren Pneumatics

Pneumatic Cylinders, Valves, FRL Equipment & Fittings. World leading quality & design.


Martonair Pneumatics

Supply and refurbishment of Martonair Cylinders, Actuators and Valves.


Renner Air Compressors

Official UK Distributor of high quality German built air compressor range.


Services from Aircat Ltd

Compressor Servicing, Pipework Installations, Pneumatic Control Panels and Circuits.

Aircat 2000

Aircat 2000

Pneumatic Control Equipment for Buses, Coaches & Commercial Vehicles.